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Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for TUBING, PIPE & FITTINGS

The great physical resistance of rigid PVC compounds (for example traction resistance to 7000 psi at room temperature) allows the material to be recommended for the manufacturing of pipes and tubing and accessories, since they are subject to shock and stress during installation at high pressure and temperature changes during their useful life in the field – usually designed to be used for many decades.

PVC does not corrode, thus tubing surfaces stay clean and polished for many years.

Rigid PVC RYT® compounds are low in cost and very efficient in relation to weight-volume. This plus our formulation and processing technology allows greater efficiency in the extrusion of pipes and injection molding of joints, elbows and other required installation accessories.

In addition to its application in potable water installations, rigid PVC is used to extrude electrical and ventilation conduits, and piping for drainage, sewerage, and irrigation.

Rigid PVC compounds are also used in other applications such as roof gutters and structural shapes as well as furniture.

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