Flexible PVC compounds

Flexible PVC RYT® compounds offer the best characteristics in relation to their cost for any specific application in injection molding and extrusion processing. PVC is “compounded” (that is mixed and fused) with a variety of ingredients, the most important being plasticizers that make the compound rigid or flexible, and as hard as siding and window frames or as soft as baby dolls.


PVC RYT® compounds are formulated to increase resistance to shock and traction, or resistance to either the outdoors or other aggressive environments, in accordance with their final application in construction, in the automobile and marine industries, in household items or in medical devices.

Flexible PVC RYT® Compounds for FOOTWEAR

Because of its physical strength and variety of colors – either transparent or opaque – soft or hard – PVC RYT® compounds are widely used in footwear manufacturing. These are high mechanical performance materials with an unmatched appearance.

Flexible PVC RYT® Compounds for WIRE & CABLE

PVC compound is a non-conductor and because of its chlorine content, it is an excellent fire retardant. For this reason it is the preferred non-conductive material for electrical wire. PVC RYT® compounds are registered by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the standards authority in this field in the United States market.

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