Rigid PVC Compounds

PVC is made of chlorine derived from salt (57%) and carbon derived from ethylene (43%). This combination of organic and inorganic components makes it inexpensive and tough. Rigid PVC RYT® compounds offer, at lower cost, technical characteristics which are close even to engineering plastics for both injection molded and extruded products.

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Profile Extrusion, Injection Molding and Blow Molding

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Extruded Profiles

The strength of rigid PVC makes it ideal for the manufacture of extruded profiles, such as house siding, interlocking profiles for ceilings, door and window frames. Rigid PVC is non-brittle and flame retardant. Through compounding we can improve resistance to outdoor weathering and greatly enhance its appearance.

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Injection Molding

Backed by our experience of more than forty years, extensive availability of raw materials, and direct access to the latest technology, we develop custom-made formulations with special characteristics for specialized injection molded products.

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Bottles & Containers

The chemical structure of PVC produces excellent physical resistance and great transparency. It is ideal for bottles as well as thermo-shaping sheets. We offer PVC RYT® compounds for packaging food and pharmaceutical products made with raw materials that comply with FDA requirements.

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Tubing, Pipe & Fittings

Because of the excellent combination of great physical resistance and low cost offered by PVC RYT® compounds they are the ideal material for the production of tubing and accessories for potable water, irrigation, drainage and sewerage, as well as electrical conduits.

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