Injection Molding

Rigid PVC RYT® Compounds for Injection Molding

  • Compliance with food grade specifications for both industrial and home applications
  • Oil and chemical resistant containers
  • Bacterial resistance or insect repellency when required
  • UL approved formulations for electrical equipment components
  • Resistance to sunlight and outdoor weathering for furniture parts
  • Sparkling clarity, deep solid colors, wood grain effects or different textures

These compounds are formulated to achieve the desired properties and facilitate processing in your equipment, both at the lowest cost possible.

Get to know our PVC RYT® compounds for these applications.

Our value proposition…

  • Competitive pricing for high quality PVC compounds
  • Streamlined delivery from our facility to yours.
  • We stock inventory to meet your buying patterns.
  • We offer R&D and technical support for all of your new and existing opportunities.

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